Swoontini Interview: MYRA MCENTIRE

Welcome back!! We’ve been busy busy busy finishing up our WIP (squeeeee!), and have lots of exciting stuff coming up. We’ve both read some amazing books and have recs on the way, as well as a new Swoony Boy Alert. And have you all read the exclusive Insurgent excerpt (sequel to Divergent)??

Today we’re thrilled to have agent-mate and all around adorable gal, Myra McEntire, author of HOURGLASS and the upcoming TIMEPIECE, here at SWOONTINI!

Lo & C say: HAY GIRL HAAAAAY! *high fives*
MM: *booty dance* HAAAAAAY GIRL! *looks around for Gosling*  *is disappointed*

Lo says: Oops. Sorry about that. He was just here, I swear! So, I love how you’re still speaking to me even though 0.25 nanoseconds after meeting you I basically started emailing you pictures of my Dream Kalebs. Some of them shirtless. Thanks for not blocking my gmail account. [Um… Christina is totally wondering why she hasn’t seen these. *looks at you both* *cries a little*]
MM: Well, my sweet Lo, as Anne Shirley taught us, one recognizes kindred spirits rather quickly. *SMOOSHES YOU*. Christina, I have done you wrong. (Shut up, I’m southern.) I shall rectify immediately. *ALSO SMOOSHES YOU* *waits for email*

Lo & C: After some really TEDIOUS and GRUELING research, we found a picture. Here’s how we sort of see Kaleb…high fives or facepalm?
MM: *RIGHT CLICK SAVE * THAT IS … THAT IS … I DON’T EVEN. *STAAAAAAAAAAAAARES*  *digs around in purse for inhaler*  *doesn’t use an inhaler*  *steals husbands* *prints out picture*


Yeaaaaah. That’s pretty close. Ahem.

Lo & C: How did Hourglass unfold for you? Were you like, *type type type* OH MICHAEL YOU ARE LE SWOONY and then BAM Kaleb Ballard entered the picture with his piercings and tatts and all hell broke loose? Or was Kaleb there from the start?  (TWSS)
MM: Kindred spirits and That’s What She Said jokes. My heart, it is full.

      1. Actually, Michael was in two other stories I tried to write. In both, he showed up as sort of a mentor for my main character and her love interest. So I started paying attention to him because I knew he had a place. When I started writing Em, I realized that he was the exact sort of solid influence she needed. I didn’t know they were going to fall for each other until I wrote the scene where they met. And then I was all ….. HOWDY PARDNER.
      2. Kaleb. Oh, Kaleb. He was supposed to be about fifteen, blond, and sort of wimpy. The scene where Em overhears Kaleb and Michael talking was written with that Kaleb in mind. (Obvs, I had to go back and change it.) But when I wrote the scene when Em sees him on the couch … all hell broke loose.


Lo & C: Indeed. Kaleb, he is the Hell Breaker Looser. IYKWIM. *cough* You’re such an enthusiastic cheerleader for fellow authors, and are so sweet to your readers.  What is some of the best advice you’ve received since you started writing? Since you’ve been published? *takes notes*
MM:  You are so sweet to say that, and I hope I am. There were a lot of people who encouraged me when I started writing, mostly online, because those are the people who know what you’re talking about. Friends IRL try, but they don’t get it (and they probably don’t want to). As far as readers, I am still sort of in shock that I actually have those? And it makes me giddy? So. I always, always try to answer at replies on Twitter, and emails. Deadlines don’t always allow for that, not because it takes so much time, but because when I’m drafting hard, Twitter is noise in my headspace. It’s distracting, and I’ve just learned I can’t do it at ALL. (Sounds like an addiction. Shut up.)

The best advice? Be nice.

My advice? 1. Don’t engage The Crazy. 2. Don’t BE The Crazy.

Lo & C:  SO MUCH AGREEMENT HERE. You are so hilarious on twitter and your stories about Small Son crack us up. Where did he get his strong personality? From you or Mr. Myra?
MM: Mr. Myra is a professional businessman who’s very interested in matching his ties to his shirts. He says words like “loss ratio” and “going forward” and “out of pocket.” But I know the REAL Mr. Myra. The one who likes to run into my office and moon me when I’m on deadline, and who brings me cupcakes, and who makes sure the children eat if I’m working.

My oldest son is quiet, and thinks his brother is the worst thing we ever did to him. We buy him stuff out of guilt. He’s kind, and funny, and thoughtful, and he’s approaching puberty. So … that should be awesome.

My youngest son. Is a spider monkey. On crank. He makes me laugh, he makes me cry, he makes me clean up art projects on the coffee table that include whole bottles of Elmer’s glue and ten tubes of glitter. (We had to throw that coffee table away.)

What was the question?

Lo & C:  Haha, never mind, I am pretty sure you answered it perfectly. Tell us a little about teenage Myra. What current books would she be devouring? What boys would make her swoon and what girls would have her cheering?
MM: Teenage Myra loved to dance (surprise) and read and take naps. I can’t even imagine what life would’ve been like if I’d had the rich and spectacular choices of YA the kids do today. *takes out dentures*  *soaks*

The Bad Boy with the Good Heart has been my downfall from way back, so Jacob. Jace. Gale. Damon. Dean. Or Sam. Or Dean. (Somehow I’ve wandered into television, so let me just throw in Luke Duke.)

I would’ve cheered Em. I would’ve wanted a Lily. (I want one now.) I would’ve aspired to Katniss, but she would’ve scared the shizzle out of me.

Lo & C: What upcoming 2012 release are you MOST excited for? (other than Timepiece in June! *dancing cats*)
MM: I must give props to my crit partner (and friend of six years), CJ Redwine. I wish I could tell you how many times I called her and either made screeching noises or blubbered into the phone while I read DEFIANCE (August, Balzer + Bray). Y’all are in for a TREAT.
[Lo says: OMG I JUST STARTED THIS. Honestly, I curse the fact that I have to work for a living and feed my children right now. It is so engrossing. I am so excited for the world to get its hands on this book.]

Lo & C: ACK! You’re running late! Choose one: ___No pants      ___Bed head
MM: It would have to be Bed head. Pants aren’t a valid choice, because I never wear them.
Lo: HIGH FIVES on that answer. I know PQ would be pantless too, but that’s because she’d never leave the house without prom hair. C: sigh. It’s true

Lo says: You know who I love? Feisty Emerson. She is one badass chick. Her voice is so strong – was it initially hard to leave that and take on Kaleb POV? (WOOF, btw *fans self*)
MM: Here’s the thing about Kaleb.

I started writing HOURGLASS in the spring of 2008. Once I figured out who Kaleb was (not fifteen and wimpy) he started talking. And talking. Sometimes he was louder than Emerson, and he tried REALLY HARD to convince me that he was the man for Em. But, like a good writer mama, I told him I knew what was best for him and that he needed to be patient.

You’ve read TIMEPIECE. You think he’s glad he listened? 🙂

Lo: OH, hell yes. *vowel sounds*

Lo & C: Do you read reviews of your books?
MM: Nope. Sometimes Mr. Myra or a friend will point out a particularly lovely one, and I’ll read it. There’s a lot of complex reasoning behind this, so short answer, nope.


Best writing snack: TWIZZLERS. Slightly stale.

Favorite TV show: AUGH. Too hard to choose! Vampire Diaries.  [Lo & C: You and Holly are in so much trouble for introducing us to The Vampire Diaries. It’s like *gasp* *NO HE DIDN’T* *pearl clutch* *dies*]

it has nothing to do with this. scouts honor. *whistles*

You’re currently reading: Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson, Song of the Red Cloak by Chantel Acevedo

Person who makes you laugh out loud a LOT: CJ Redwine. Holly Root. That’s two. Sue me. [And, then Myra had to add Rachel Hawkins, too, who MM says she didn’t include because with Rachel she never STOPS laughing. LOVE IT.]

Buttered popcorn jelly bellys, yes or no: NEVER. NEVER. NEVER. [Lo cries] [C nods. WORD, MYRA. SO MUCH WORD]

Lo & C: Thanks for coming by and playing with us. We love you like WOAH, but you already knew that! Can’t wait to have you back in June to celebrate the release of Timepiece!
MM: I am so, so, so happy that y’all are Team Root. I just adore you both, and I meant what I said about kindred spirits.

Lo & C: Isn’t she adorable??? And we want you to share in the Hourglass love so we’re giving away a copy & will preorder Timepiece for you, too! Leave us a comment, share a pic of your ideal Kaleb, or just say howdy. We’ll announce the winner Friday morning on twitter.

Next week’s interview: The Amazing Nathan Bransford. He is fun and adorable and this is not one to miss.