Happy Book Birthday!

Happy March 24th friends, and HAPPY 25th CLO BOOK!!

The Honey Don’t List is out today, and we couldn’t be prouder! This book is Set It Up meets HGTV and will take you on a ride of opposites attract, forced proximity, and one true loves! We hope you get a chance to order a copy!

We wish we could reach through the screen and hug each of you. Unfortunately, we can’t, and even if we could, we are all expert social distancers by now, aren’t we? How different the world looks in 2020 versus seven years ago when Beautiful Bastard first published. So much has changed since then, but one thing hasn’t: we are grateful for every single one of you.

Whenever you share a photo on social media, or tag us in a post, or send us an email through the website, we are so grateful for the contact, now more than ever. In a time of elected social isolation, connection is key.

And what a better way to connect than with a happily ever after? THE HONEY DON’T LIST isn’t just our 25th book, it’s also one we absolutely adore because there is so much of us in James and Carey. Like Lo, James is detail-oriented and attentive, compassionate and committed. Like Christina, Carey is playful and wise-cracking, loyal and has more than one Dolly Parton t-shirt. These two characters work for the Tripps—a celebrity couple with a home renovation empire, who are about to embark on book tour about successful relationships while in the midst of a marriage meltdown. Tasked with going on the bus with the Tripps to ensure the high-profile marriage doesn’t deteriorate publicly, Carey and James initially are simply opposites and grate each other’s nerves in such close proximity. But as the trip progresses, and James sees what Carey has put up with for so long, and Carey sees the kind and doting thread that weaves through everything James does, the two find that maybe opposites really do attract.

If you preordered a copy, or if you pick one up this week, thank you for supporting us—it’s a stressful time to have a book out, but we know that reading in a time of stress is a great emotional relief and we hope this gives you some! If you’re near a computer today, join us for our facebook live at 12 PT/3 ET where we’ll be celebrating and answering your questions.

All of our love, Lo & C

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