CLo roundup

Hello friends!

How are you? How was  your summer? Are you watching Game of Thrones? It feels like forever since we’ve chatted so we wanted to do a little roundup on all things CLo.

Between the two of us we had a busy summer of travel. We were lucky enough to visit Prague and Berlin–thank you to everyone who came to see us!–and then Lo continued on with her family, while Christina headed back to the states and went on an RV trip that only solidified she is not a camper. Enough said. Since then we’ve been hard at work on books that come out this fall and next year, as well as a few things we can’t talk about yet!

Now, the updates!

We have a CLo & Friends Facebook group and we wish you could see our faces as we type this because gahhh, we love it. We post outtakes (we just posted a little Bennett & Chloe) and excerpts, but it’s mostly just a place for all of us to chat. It’s the most amazing group of women and we hope you stop by and play.

Next, we’ve updated our Events page! We’re doing slightly less travel next year, so check out the list and see if we’ll be within hugging distance. This list is updated as things come up so if you don’t see where you live on the list, keep checking back. Also, if there’s a city you think we should visit, @ us on Twitter and let us know!

And finally, we still have two more books out this year! Autoboyography is OUT IN TWO WEEKS (!!), and Roomies will follow in December. If you haven’t preordered or added them to your TBR list, their Goodreads pages are linked here and here, or here’s a handy dandy list of links!

Thanks you guys! We love your faces and more to come!