It’s here! Happy Book Birthday to our Beautiful Secret!

Hello Beautifuls!

Beautiful Secret is finally out in the world, and we couldn’t be happier! What version did you get? Are you reading on your e-reader or are you an old fashioned book person? Did you stop by Target and grab your exclusive signed copy with Beautiful Beloved included? Or maybe you’re an audiobook lover, and are dying right alongside us listening to Jonathan as Niall and Charlotte narrating Ruby. Either way, yay! And thank you!

There are some books you can’t wait to bring into this world and Secret was definitely one of them. And don’t forget to enter the pre-order giveaways, more details here. In case you haven’t got your copy of Secret yet, follow some of the great links below:

And if you do read, please don’t forget to leave a review at your favorite retailer.

Plus! We have even more news! Sweet Filthy Boy was selected as RT Magazine’s Book of the Year! Go Ansel!!

Thank you to every single one of you, and keep watching this space. It’s possible there may be a bit of Chloe & Bennett in the next week…