Hi everyone!

BEAUTIFUL BASTARD was released into the wild on Tuesday, February 12, 2013 . . .which means it’s already been a year!?! How insane is that? (Answer: VERY insane). We have had the most fun with you all in that time, and are so grateful that you’ve been along for the wild & beautiful ride . . .

So grateful, in fact, that Team Beautiful thought we should celebrate the anniversary with a SALE. Now is the perfect time to catch up on the Beautifuls–because our new Wild Seasons series begins on 6/3 with SWEET FILTHY BOY and, holy balls you guys, you won’t want to miss the way these series tie together eventually! *sneaky shimmies*

For most of February, ALL OF THE BEAUTIFUL E-BOOKS ARE $2.99. Amazon, Apple, B&N–you name it!

What if you’ve already read the books? Well, first *high fives*, you’re our favorite (yes, you), and second, it’s the perfect time to share the love and gift the series to someone else! Smut: the gift that keeps on giving. Some suggestions:

  • The friend who keeps saying she doesn’t have anything good to read
  • The guy you want to bang
  • The girl you want to bang
  • The guy and the girl you want to bang (this blog is a safe space)
  • The woman in your mom’s group who you can just tell is a closet piglet (*piglet high fives*)
  • Your mom
  • Your grandma
  • Your valentine, duh!
  • Yourself if you don’t have the e-book yet, silly! You can take it anywhere! (*more piglet high fives*)

So go grab yourself a BEAUTIFUL and preorder that SWEET FILTHY BOY while you’re at it, and we can’t wait to see you on one of our book events coming up soon!