Happy BITCH Day!

Hi Beautifuls!

Although BEAUTIFUL BASTARD was our first book baby, our first baby book, BEAUTIFUL BITCH, is out July 9th (TODAY!)! You see, BITCH is a novella–or, short novel–and is the first of three shorter (baby) books that will be out this year.

Lo and her BITCH
Lo and her BITCH

When we finished writing BASTARD, we  felt like we’d wrapped up the story the way we wanted. Chloe & Bennett were obviously in a good place, but enough was left to the readers’ imaginations to keep things fun. But while drafting STRANGER, we let it slip that **spoiler alert** Bennett and Chloe got engaged.

So of course we started thinking . . . how did that happen? And, how much fun would it be to write it! Lucky for us Gallery Books was game, and you already know you can expect three novellas out in 2013 that follow Chloe and Bennett post-BASTARD.

We’re writing like the wind, and I’m sure if you follow us on Twitter or Facebook it feels like we’re talking about a new book all the time, so in order to keep it from getting too confusing, we thought we’d make a little BEAUTIFUL cheat-sheet for you! Here’s how the books go, in order of release date:

BEAUTIFUL BASTARD: (Feb 12, 2013) Full length novel; the beginning of Chloe & Bennett’s story (and in this book you meet Sara)
BEAUTIFUL STRANGER: (April 16, 2013) Full length novel; Max & Sara’s story (and in this book you meet Will)
BEAUTIFUL BITCH: (July 9, 2013) Novella, The Proposal. Takes place between BASTARD and STRANGER. Sara & Max each make cameos.
BEAUTIFUL BOMBSHELL: (Sept 3, 2013) Novella, The Bachelor Party. Max, Sara, & Will all feature prominently.
BEAUTIFUL PLAYER: (Oct 29, 2013) Full length novel; Will & Hanna’s story
BEAUTIFUL BEGINNING: (November 19, 2013) Novella; The Wedding. The entire BEAUTIFUL cast will be present.

Christina and Chloe
Christina and Chloe

Does that help? We know it gets confusing, and you are all so adorable for being game for the fifty bajillion hashtags. But we just love making you happy and will keep writing snarky, silly smut until the end of time.  And even when these BEAUTIFUL books are all released in 2013, you can still look forward to more from us. We have a new book coming out with Gallery in June of 2014, so stay tuned for details on that front!

Copies at Bookbash signed by you!
Copies at Bookbash signed by you!

One last thing: Thank you. Thanks for reading, and tweeting, and liking, and quoting, and making banners, and sending us emails, and RT’ing our links, and telling your friends about our books, and just being present. It means the world to us, and we would hug every one of you if we could.

Happy BITCH day everyone!
Lauren Billings, Christina Hobbs, Christina Lauren