Chloe & Bennett?

So hi! How are you? Can we get you anything? What’s that? More Chloe and Bennett, you say? There’s something you think we left out? Hmmmm. Well what if we let you pick? What if we said that YOU, yes YOU, awesome amazing reader get to boss US around?

Beautiful Bastard Facebook Reader Chall 1Check out our Facebook page. Already liked it? SWEET! Here’s a cookie. Backrub? Cast your vote and share with your friends/family/co-workers/neighbors/significant other/pets/clergy (kidding), and when we reach 8k Likes, we’ll post the chapter YOU chose. Haven’t liked the page yet? Well press that little thumbs up thing and give some hardworking gals a hand (and be sure you click the link in the actual fb post to vote). We’ll write our little hearts out and BOOM, Bennett & Chloe mischief.  WIN/WIN (Panty ripping optional).

All the hugs from us to you,

Lauren Billings, Christina Hobbs, Christina Lauren