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We’re here! We’re live! We’re happy to see you! In case you missed it, our gorgeous cover is up on Entertainment Weekly Shelf Life right now!

so are we, justin. so are we.

Thanks for coming to say hi! If you follow us on twitter (Christina & Lauren) or over on Swoontini, you know that we’re pretty ridiculous most of the time, and this site won’t be much different. But maybe over here we can use the swears and run around naked? (Just nod.)

This book is a fun, wild romp and we can’t wait to share it with you guys! Here are the details: BEAUTIFUL BASTARD comes out everywhere February 12, 2013! You can pre-order it using the links at the side bar – and also at our local bookstores: Mysterious Galaxy, King’s English.

BEAUTIFUL STRANGER comes out everywhere May 2013. You can also pre-order it! Even though we’re still writing it! How wild is that? *drinks* OH AND ALSO ::whispers:: Beautiful Stranger has been called a sequel to Beautiful Bastard, but is actually a companion novel with different main characters. You’ll see plenty of Chloe & Bennett (ahem, not like that), but the book focuses on a different couple in their world. We promise it will be just as ridiculous and smutty. *pinky swears*

This whole process has happened fast and has been an insane amount of fun. The Office, the story on which BEAUTIFUL BASTARD is based, had millions of hits from readers across the globe in the short time that it was available online, and we’re thrilled that we’ve been given the chance to rework it and put it in print. Keep watching for additional content and exciting giveaways to come!

Drop us a line, share in our squee. We can’t wait to hear from you guys!


Christina Lauren Authors of Beautiful Bastard