Hi Swoonies!!
We have been crazy MIA, right? Not that we think you’re in constant-refresh mode (it’s not a One Direction fanpage after all, AMIRITE, PQ?) but we don’t mean to neglect this site. Cookie?

But as we all know, life is crazy. And with kids and work and writing we find ourselves sitting down to post and then think WAIT, DID I SERIOUSLY JUST PROMISE MY CHILD I’D MAKE 322 CUPCAKES BY TOMORROW?? *drinks*

BUT HEY, we got our #engagementphotos:

it’s us! hiiiiii.

And since we have you here, it’s time for the Goodreads Choice Awards! Have you voted? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Love an author? Love a book? Then vote! It’s an amazing way to be heard and support the stories and storytellers we all adore. So please, VOTE! (Love something that’s not listed on the official ballot? You can write it in! BOOM. DONE.)

We promise some epic posts soon. Also, we have a whole bunch of interviews we need to get moving, have an adorable Swoony Rec from Lo’s Smister, and all kinds of smutty swoony pics, so we’ll be doing more of those soon.