TIMEPIECE Blog Tour – Interview with Kaleb!

Hello, lovelies!! So if we look a little less than calm today, it’s because – in honor of the release of TIMEPIECE   this week – we have a special guest here at the Swoontini slumber partyland. You may have heard us talk occasionally of our love for Myra McEntire, author of Hourglass & Timepiece. And if so, then you’re probably aware of our tiny little crush on a certain main character, Kaleb Ballard. Can we just say. . .

This. Just a little.

We mean NO! No. That’s not what we mean. We mean that Kaleb is a perfectly lovely young man and we simply had a little chat and absolutely NOTHING inappropriate was discussed at all. You know, as per usual here at Swoontini . . . err . . .

Lo & C: ONWARD! [Swoontini gals do a double take] Damn, Kaleb. You’re looking pretty fantastic in your Swoontini slumber party ‘outfit’. Thanks for getting into the spirit of things here.
Kaleb: The apron is an accessory. The “outfit” is underneath.

*winks* This one goes out to the Team Root gals

Lo & C: So, we know you now with all of your (semi-)grown-up charm and wit and often-inappropriate touching (never unwelcome, don’t worry), but tell us a little about Freshman-in-High School Kaleb. What would he do on a typical Saturday night?
Kaleb: That Kaleb was actually disciplined, and pretty straight and narrow with the exception of his sugar addiction. Not THAT KIND of sugar (that came later). Probably a movie with friends?

C: Get out! A movie! You wild man! You can’t hide how smart you are behind all of this [Christina gestures to the ‘outfit’]. . . manly exterior.  What are you reading right now?
Kaleb: A particular neuroscientist told me to check out HOLD ME CLOSER, NECROMANCER by Lish McBride. I always listen to hot chicks.

Lo: OH WHAT A GOOD GUY YOU ARE. *pinches cheeks* We love that book! Okay, so. You’re given $1000 – not so fast, there, Trigger. What do you buy Myra to thank her for writing you?
Kaleb: A brain massage? Per her, time travel is . . .  hard.

Lo & C: Hey ohhh! What fictional character would you like to bring over to introduce to your Hourglass peeps?
Kaleb:  Sophie and Archer from the Hex Hall series. They’d fit right in.

Lo & C: Ignoring any potential Timepiece love interest for the time being, which fictional character would you like to meet in a dark, private, and comfortable alley? (TO PLAY CHECKERS, OBVS. Jeez people.)
Kaleb: Probably Isabelle Lightwood from Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments series. Hot, bad ass, good with a whip. I mean … probably a lovely conversationalist.

Don’t tell Lily. Or Em. There wouldn’t BE enough ice for the family jewels.

Lo & C: Let’s just say that you were on a dating show, hidden behind a screen, and you had to convince the girl to pick you over Dune (SWOON) or Michael (ALSO SWOON). She can’t check out your [Lo gestures to biceps] Man Parts, so what would you say to make her choose you for a date?
Kaleb: I’d tell her, in sensuous detail, about the meal I’d prepare for her with my own two hands. And I’d also describe how I look in my Kiss the Cook apron, which has become a running joke. Because it works.

you know... because he bakes. pervs.

Lo & C: If you could be cast in the movie adaptation of any book out there (other than Myra’s books), what character would you choose?
Kaleb: X-Men. A young Wolverine. He gets all the sexy ladies, right?

Lo & C: There may have been cackles last night while putting this in (twss). We love Myra so much it BOGGLES THE MIND.
AND LISTEN UP SWOONIES because Myra will be at San Diego Comic Con (AS WILL WE!). SO – for anyone who doesn’t get to be there to meet Myra, you are eligible to win a signed copy of TIMPIECE and something else fun that we will think of when we see her*. Just leave the lady (snort) some love and that’s all it takes!!! In the meantime, feel free to buy one or seventeen copies of Kaleb! We mean Timpiece.




*Sorry this one isn’t open to international – only because we don’t know what else we’ll be sending and size, etc.