Author Appreciation Blog Tour: MYRA McENTIRE!

When Mandy asked if we wanted to be involved in a new kind of blog tour, an #authorlove kind of blog tour, we were all HECK YES because you know we love to get our fangirl love on. And when she told us the first author would be our girl Myra, we were all OH HELLS TO THE YES. We love Myra like Peeta loves bread. So come on in, read our little love letter, and then tell Myra how simply amazing she is. Because she is, you  know. Supportive and funny and wild and sweet. Just the way we like ’em.

Hey girl,

My goodness you look pretty today. We were just talking about this summer and Comic Con (if you’re going to be there) and how epic it is going to be (especially if you’re going to be there) and how we might just have to sit in your lap for a hundred hours a day (trust us on the math, it works out). Right now, Christina is reading TIMEPIECE and every time she texts Lo a line, Lo says, “I KNOW, RIGHT?” [And when Lo says that, she says it in her head just like Jessica in Twilight when Bella tells Jess that she and Mike are really good together, and I know you know what that sounds like because you’ve watched Twilight more than once. In other words, Lo says it kind of obnoxious and like OF COURSE IT IS SWOONY, DUH. Because you are The Awesome.]

Lo knew that you were a sister from another mister when you used the term Robward, and when you wrote a female who threw a man over her shoulder, and when you didn’t block her gmail account when she emailed you semi-porny pictures of “her” Kaleb or spammed you with links to all the best fanfic. Christina knew that you were a sis from another Miss when … well, when Kaleb. And because we know that you appreciate the swoon (hell, woman, you BRING the swoon), we decided for our author appreciation post we would post some of our favorite swoony pictures – including Vampire Diaries, Robward, and AngelBoy swoon. Just for you.

We love you like woah.

Lo & PQ

The hand on the door frame? WE APPRECIATE YOU.
OH, ROBWARD. So emo and so pretty.
I don't even know if this one needs a comment. I mean, WOOF. Also, by far our most reblogged photo on tumblr ever.
I mean...just...::vowel sounds::
Damn you McEntire and Root for sucking us into this show.
Don't cry there, Mr. Pretty. We're making Myra come to San Diego.

Myra, you are so loved!! This Author Appreciation Blog Tour was brought to you buy a whole HOST of loving bloggers. Check them all out!

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