2011 Swoontini Awards – VOTE!!

Well hello there, lovelies! First, some swoon…

he got all dressed up just. for. you. #bowtieswoon

So let’s get right down to business, shall we? *puts on hot glasses* Last week we asked you guys to nominate your three top Swooniest Boy/most Badass Chick of 2011, and added a Super Duper Book Bundle of Awesome to sweeten the deal. Well, take one Bronco’s football helmet (not mine), a whole lot of names written on Sponge Bob notebook paper (also not mine) and we get a winner!! *drum roll* Congrats to Heather62981, who wins our amazingly swoontastic pile O’ books! *confetti* Drop us a line and the Hot UPS Man package is on its way!

we promise not to send this guy.

And now it’s time to VOTE! And because we love and appreciate you all so much (and really just love any excuse to drink wear a party dress), we’re throwing in a BRAND SPANKING NEW KINDLE TOUCH. How do you enter? Well… just vote and leave us a comment saying hi (we need the comment to know who voted)!!! That’s all we ask. Do you have to tweet/blog/tattoo our names on your chest/build a shrine in our honor/pledge your undying love and servitude to us? OF COURSE NOT, although we’d be super stoked if you did. Just vote, leave a comment, and on December 30th we’ll compile the names of everyone who voted and random.org will pick a winner! Simple, right? (a note: if you nominated and it’s not here/wrong, it either wasn’t YA, wasn’t a 2011 release, or Christina has *gasp* screwed up. In which case, let us know and we shall fix.)

Let’s do this…

And that’s it!

Thanks to everyone who nominated, voted, follows us on twitter (Christina, Lo, Swoontini), reads/comments on our posts or reblogs us on tumblr. We couldn’t (and wouldn’t want to) do any of this without you guys! We hope you have a beautiful and safe holiday, and wish you nothing but amazing things in 2012. *clinks glass* *takes bottle away from Lo* *takes mistletoe away from Christina*